Wednesday, 15 August 2018



- Manoj Kulkarni

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Today is Death Anniversary of all time popular.. Romantic Rebel Star of Indian Cinema... 
Shammi Kapoor!

To homage him...remembering my nice meeting and conversation with this legend!

See photo (on right) in which I showed my film magazine 'Chitrasrushti's special issue to him...And while appreciating..with curiosity he was seeing my main article on Mohammed Rafi (his singing voice) & his association with him!

Great Moment!..Shammisahab, Tumsa Nahi Dekha!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune]

Monday, 13 August 2018


Today is 18th death anniversary of beautiful pop singer of Pakistan...Nazia Hassan!

Pretty Nazia Hassan with guitar!
Best known as Queen of Pop.. Nazia first appeared in children programme 'Kaliyon Ki Mala' on PTV in 1975..And at the age of 15 she made her singing debut in popular Indian cinema with song "Aap jaisa koi.." which composed by Biddu and Feroz Khan used it in his hit film 'Qurbani' (1980) on Zeenat Aman!

After that along with her brother Zohaib Hassan..Nazia released music album 'Disco Deewane' (1981) which became popular! Then again in the music of Biddu she sung "Boom Boom.." for Bollywood movie 'Star' (1982).

Zeenat Aman performed Nazia sung 
"Aap jaisa koi." in 'Qurbani' (1980).
She was the first Pakistani singer who won 'Filmfare award' here! And She received Pakistan's highest civilian award 'Pride of Performance'! She was also appointed by 'UNICEF' as it's Cultural Ambassador'!

Her early death at the age of 35..touched the heart!

I still remember teenage days..and craze of her song..
"Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye 
to baat ban jaaye.."

A Homage!!
- Manoj Kulkarni 
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]

Saturday, 11 August 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

First film of French New Wave..'Le Beau Serge' made by Claude Chabrol in completed 60 years!

Gerard Blain, Bernadette Lafont & Jean-Claude Brialy in 
French film 'Le Beau Serge' (1958) made by Claude Chabrol.
Basically Chabrol was a film critic of film magazine 'Cahiers du cinema' which gave motivation to French New Wave movement. In 1958 he wrote & directed his first film 'Le Beau Serge' (Handsome Serge)..which was financed by his first wife Agnes Goute!
Leading pioneer of French New Wave..Claude Chabrol.

'Le Beau Serge' was inspired from Alfred Hitchcock's 'Shadow of a Doubt' (1943). This was because Chabrol chose popular genre 'thriller' to work in such kind of cinema..which was different from his contemporaries of new Francois Truffaut and Jean Luc Godard!

'Le Beau Serge' tells the story of a man who returns to hometown after many years to meet his friend and find out the reason of his alcoholic. But both entangled in affairs with beautiful girl..which makes things complicated! Gerard Blain portrayed the lead of handsome Serge and Jean-Claude Brialy played friend's role..with them beautiful Bernadette Lafont appeared as their love interest!
Jean-Claude Brialy, Bernadette Lafont & Gerard Blain in 'Le Beau Serge' (1958).

Chabrol did the shoot of this film in a village of his mother..and handled this story with non-standard style, using lighting gimmicks & more close-ups of objects. In this cinematographer Henri Decae, Editor Jacques Gaillard & music director Emile Delpierre also did good supportive work!
Isabelle Huppert in 'Madame Bovary' (1991).

Chabrol's latter films also used such genre like..'Les Biches' (1968) & 'Le Boucher' (1970) in which his another wife Stephane Audran acted! Most of his films like..'Masques' (1987) entered in international film festivals. in 1991 he too made film on popular romantic novel 'Madame Bovary' by Gustave Flaubert. In this pretty Isabelle Huppert portrayed the title role!
Great French Filmmaker Claude Chabrol with award!

Up to last 'Bellamy' (2009) every year of his long career Chabrol made film. I also saw his films in our 'International Film Festival of India'!

A decade back I published special issue of my 'Chitrasrushti' on '50 Years of New Wave Cinema' with reference to it's first film 'Le Beau Serge!

A Tribute!!

- Manoj Kulkarni

  [Pune, India]

Thursday, 9 August 2018


DMK patriarch M. Karunanidhi.

Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and legendary Script Writer M. Karunanidhi is no more!
Script Writer M. Karunanidhi.

DMK patriarch Muthuvel Karunanidhi was also an eminent writer and contributed to Tamil literature a lot through stories, poems, novels & plays!

M. Karunanidhi wrote film 'Parasakthi' (1952).
At young age Karunanidhi started working as a script writer in Tamil Film Industry and in 1947 he wrote his first film 'Rajakumari' for 'Jupiter Pictures'. Actor of that film was famous M. G. Ramachandran who then acted in most of the films Karunanidhi wrote like 'Abhimanyu' (1948) and 'Modern Theatres' super hit 'Manthiri Kumari' (1949).

Famous Tamil Actors Kamal Hassan & Rajinikanth 
with legendary Script Writer M. Karunanidhi.
Karunanidhi wrote notable film was 'Parasakthi' (1952) which introduced two more prominent actors of Tamil Cinema..Sivaji Ganesan and S. S. Rajendran! He mostly focused on the social issues (untouchability & religious hypocrisy) and gave messages (widow remarriage) in his films writings. 

Karunanidhi wrote almost 40 films and received high admiration. In 2011 he wrote last film 'Ponnar Shankar'!

Humble Homage!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune]

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

More than seven decades over..the tragedy happened in Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki..during II World War. While paying homage...
I remembered great docu-film with this backdrop..
Great French Filmmaker Alain Resnais with camera!

'Hiroshima Mon Amour' (1959) made by filmmaker Alain of the pioneers of French New Wave! This film used miniature flashbacks to create a non-linear storyline..Marguerite Donnadieu wrote the screenplay of it! Michio Takahashi & Sacha Vierny cinematographed this film edited by Henri Colpi & Anne Sarraute!
Horrible realism in 'Hiroshima Mon Amour' (1959) by Alain Resnais!

In this, while making an anti-war film in Hiroshima a French Actress does conversation with her Japanese architect lover and they share their perspectives on war! Pretty French actress Emmanuelle Riva and Japanese actor Eiji Okada did these roles intensely in it!

Japanese actor Eiji Okada & French actress Emmanuelle 
Riva in French film 'Hiroshima Mon Amour' (1959).
This film was excluded from that time 'Cannes' official selection, because of it's sensitive subject & to avoid upsetting U.S.! But after many years it was shown as part of the classic section at '66th Cannes Film Festival' in 2013. This is very important landmark film in the history of world cinema which gives the strong message against war!

Now world leaders, 
please take care..there will be no more war!

We want peaceful & happy world!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
  [Pune, India]

Friday, 3 August 2018

Kiki Challenge is nothing..but new bollywood version road self dance!

Here is Amitabh Bachchan did same thing in film 'Khuddar' (1982) in which he played a role of taxi driver!

You can see this in it's song "Hat ja bazu.."

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Bangladeshi renowned Filmmaker Abu Sayeed!

Today is birthday of renowned Bangladeshi Filmmaker friend Abu Sayeed!

Pretty Shabnur & Doly Johur in Abu Sayeed's film 'Nirontor' (2006).
One of the leading filmmakers of independent cinema in Bangladesh..
Abu Sayeed made his first short film in 1987 on sensitive subject.. 'Aborton' which got national award there! 

Then he continued making short film and in 1997 turned to television for financial stability! After three years he returned to big screen and in 2000 directed his first feature film 'Kittonkhola' which also won national award!
Abu Sayeed directing a film with camera!

And his second film 'Shankhonad' (2004)..
I saw in 'Asian Film Festival' here and had good interaction with him in it! Since then I have been watching his films and meeting him in our film festivals!

In 2006 I saw his film 'Nirontor' in our 'International Film Festival of India' (IFFI) at Goa. This film focused on the struggle of woman and beautiful actress Shabnur acted nicely in it! This film won 'Special Jury Award' in our 'IFFI'. And it was Bangladesh's entry for 'Oscar's best foreign language film'!

From 2007 he started writing & producing films with 'Banshi' & then 'Rupantar' (2008) under his banner 'Aangik Communications'.
I think his cinematic treatment mainly concentrate on emotions of society!
Mamunul Haque & Tanvin Sweety in Abu Sayeed's film 'Banshi' (2007).

He made two short films and six full-length feature films. He received six national awards there and four international awards!

Wishing all the best to him!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Sulochanaji with state award!

Sulochanaji in 'Vahinichya Bangadya' (1953).




Thursday, 26 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Omiros Poulakis & Iro Bezou in Greece's 'Ontos Filiounte?' (Kissing)
(wrote these words as heard from song)

This romantic song on the background of young couple's kissing scene in Greece's film 'Ontos Filiounte?' ('Kissing?') creates that kind of feelings! Yannis Korres directed in this film Alexander Voulgaris composed this tune nicely! In this Omiros Poulakis & Iro Bezou acted romantically!
Albert Dupontel's French film '9 Mois Ferme' (9 Month Stretch)

That romantic tune recollected Claude Lelouch's classic French film 'Un homme at une femme's ('A Man and a Woman'/1966) famous romantic song "Ba da ba da.."

'European Union Film Festival' recently over at NFAI in Pune. In one week total 24 recent films from different European countries screened in it! Inaugurated with Albert Dupontel's French film '9 Mois Ferme' (9 Month Stretch)..which was a black humour & used some scientific gimmicks!
Madeleine Martin & Filip Berg in Swedish film 'Eternal Summer'!

This time mostly road movies were there and observed lyrical romanticism! In this Andreas Ohman's Swedish film 'Eternal Summer' showed a unique picture of carefree youth to enjoy love which two youngsters meets on a summer night and their adventurous trip ends on a surprising climax! In this pretty Madeleine Martin & handsome Filip Berg played this romantic couple nicely! Then Latvia's 'The Lesson' also travelled on the path of love in which youthful student falls in love with a teacher who then face personal conflict! Beautiful Inga Alsina did this role sensitively! And Samuli Valkama's Finland film 'Unexpected Journey' was about friendship which breaks borders!
Inga Alsina & Marcis Klatenbergs in Latvia's film 'The Lesson'!
Constatinos in Cyprus' 'Boy On The Bride'.

There were few good films on children psychi.. first was Petros Charalambous directed Cyprus film 'Boy On The Bride'. In this teen age boy finds out that the family of his cousin are being abused by their violent father. And then his brave attempt to teach lesson to that cruel man create a blunder! Constatinos Farmaks played this role powerfully!

Pretty Vanessa Szamuhelova in Slovakian film 'Piata Lod'!
After this there was a sensible Slovakian film 'Piata Lod' (Little Harbour) which was inspired from a true story of two cute children who took care of abandoned twin babies..and this is in the context of current social scenario where elders are not ready to take responsibilities! Iveta Grofova handled this issue very sensitively and pretty cute girl Vanessa Szamuhelova played this role very sensibly! Then there was a Lithuanian road movie 'When you wake up' made by Ricardas Marcinkus. This was a lyrical journey in which little girl reunite her parents! In this  Dzesika Vienazindyte & Mantas Jankavicius played these roles superbly..with meaningful songs picturised on them!
Dzesika Vienazindyte & Mantas Jankavicius in Lithuanian film 'When you wake up'!
Denmark's Martin Pieter Zandvliet's 'Uner Sandet' (Land of Mine)..war reality!
There were few films with the war backdrop in which two features from Denmark first Martin Pieter Zandvliet's 'Uner Sandet' (Land of Mine) showed how the hate & revenge psychi continued even after the end of the war. And second Lisa Ohlin's sensible 'De Standhaftige' (Walk with Me) showed how love overcome the physical inability happened because of the bad effect of war! In this Mikkel Boe Folsgaard & Cecilie Lassen did their roles sensibly! After these powerful films there was one short documentary from Poland..'A Brave Bunch'- The Uprising Through Children's which filmmaker Tomasz Stankiewicz focused on the heroic & tragic struggle to liberate Warsaw from Nazi Germany occupation during World War II.
Cecilie Lassen & Mikkel Boe Folsgaard in Denmark's film 'De Standhaftige'!
Then there were psycho-dramas in it..Nuto Rocha's Portugal film 'Mother knows Best' revolves around one middle age woman who recollect her memories about mother & family members and gradually became a split personality! After this Radek Bajar's film 'Teorie Tygra' (Tiger Theory) was on aged man who purposely shows mentally ill to enjoy the life he want!
Family scene from..Nuto Rocha's Portugal film 'Mother knows Best'!

Belgium's Douglas Boswell's film 'Labyrinthus'!
Apart from such films there were films with inspiration from two genre of generations. In this Tomislav Mrsic's Croatian film 'Cowboys' shows how theatre artists inspire from classic Hollywood Westerns! And Belgium's film 'Labyrinthus' connects to modern cyber world! It's enthusiastic director Douglas Boswell was present in this festival..and had good conversation with him! He said 'this is coming of age film on friendship which used computer games to show children's adventure!

As compare to last 'EUFF' this time films were better in this festival! Mostly showed emotions of youngsters while looking towards the lyrical way & with poetic treatment! Hope to see more contemporary films from Europe in next festival!

All the best!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]

Wednesday, 25 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Japanese Screenwriter Shinobu Hashimoto & master Filmmaker Akira Kurosawa!

Veteran Japanese Screenwriter Shinobu Hashimoto passed away at the age of 100!
Scene from 'Rashomon' (1950).
He was known for scripting the films of Japanese master filmmaker Akira Kurosawa..who first adapted Hashimoto's script (based on Akutagawa's short story 'In a Grove') in 1950 for his masterpiece 'Rashomon'! This film won 'Golden Lion' in 'Venice Film Festival'!
Sensitive film 'Ikiru' (1952)

Then most of Kurosawa's internationally acclaimed films like 'Ikiru' (1952), 'Seven Samurai' (1954) & 'Dodeskaden' (1970) were mainly scripted by Hashimoto! He also wrote the screenplays for other filmmakers like 'Masaki Kobayashi ('Harakiri'/1962).

Kurosawa-Hashimoto's legendary film 'Seven Samurai' (1954).
Hashimoto wrote almost 70 films and won 16 awards. He also made few films!

Scriptwriter Shinobu Hashimoto!
Notable that Hollywood got inspiration from Kurosawa-Hashimoto's 'Seven Samurai'..and made hit 'The Magnificent Seven' (1960)..And Bollywood's blockbuster 'Sholay' (1975) also! Even Indian classic 'Anand' (1971) was inspired from their 'Ikiru'!

Humble Homage!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
   [Pune, India]



- Manoj Kulkarni

Renowned Bengali Filmmaker..Goutam Ghosh with camera!

Goutam Ghosh's 'Antarjali Yatra' (1987) 
in which Shatrughna Singha acted!
Basically from theatre, while doing photo journalism Goutam Ghosh turned to documentary making in 1973 with 'New Earth'! He made first feature film 'Maabhoomi' (1980) which was in Telugu. Then his feature films with strong social issues in Bengali like 'Paar' (1981) got critical acclaim!

I remember interaction with him after the screening of his Bengali film 'Antarjali Yatra' (1987) in our 'Film Appreciation Course' at FTII, Pune. Then his Bengali/Hindi films like 'Gudia' (1997) to 'Abar Aranye' (2003) & 'Yaatra' (2006) I watched in 'Indian Panorama' of our 'International Film Festival of India'.
Goutam Ghosh's 'Shankhachil' (2016) 
India-Bangladesh joint venture!
After many years he acted in Srijit Mukherjee's two films 'Baishe Shrabon' (2011) and 'Chotushkone' (2014).

Then Goutam Ghosh's 'Shankhachil' (2016) was India-Bangladesh joint venture in which Indian Prosenjit & Bangladeshi Kusum Sikder acted!

Almost all of his films won National Awards & international recognition. And he is the only Indian filmmaker to have received 'Vittorio Di Sica Award' in 1997 by Italy!
Goutam Ghosh in 'Baishe Shrabon' (2011)

His birthday just happened!
Best wishes Goutamda!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune,]

Monday, 23 July 2018

Documentary maker..Flaherty!


Today is 65th death anniversary of Robert Joseph American filmmaker, who made first feature length Documentary film...'Nanook of the North' in 1922!

A Salute!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]