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Tabu & Ayushman Khurrana in Raghvan's Bollywood film 'Andhadhun' (2018).

Bollywood filmmaker Sriram Raghvan!
Neo-Noir genre fame Sriram Raghvan's.. Bollywood movie 'Andhadhun' (which shot in Pune) got appreciation in 'PIFF'..And I surprised! Because this movie is (nothing but) expanding feature work of a original French short film 'L' Accordeur' (2010) a precise cinematic work!

Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet in Treiner's French short film 'L' Accordeur' (2010)
A blind pianist unwillingly becomes embroiled in murder is a basic plot of these films..And this was very precisely showed in original French short film 'L' Accordeur' (The Piano Tuner). Young filmmaker Oliver Treiner wrote & directed this film in which Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet played the protagonist aptly! This won 'Cesar Award for Best Short Film'!
French filmmaker Oliver Treiner.

On that 'Andhadhun's script writers and director developed the movie like Bollywood thriller. In this Ayushman Khurrana played that pianist sensibly with another developed character did by Tabu dynamically! 

That small budget bollywood movie earned more than hundred crores! And it's success story this festival forum presented in front of aspiring filmmakers!..What to say?

- Manoj Kulkarni

Friday, 11 January 2019


Littin's landmark Chilean film 
'Jackal of Nahueltoro' (1969).
Year back..I wrote an article about how the revolutionary Latin American Cinema often made strong comments on socio-political situation!

Chilean great filmmaker Miguel Littin!
That was started by landmark Chilean film 'El Chacal de Nahueltoro' (Jackal of Nahueltoro 1969) made by legendary filmmaker Miguel Littin! That film was a tragic real story of a exploited farmer & poor family suffered in it! 
[I interacted with Mr. Littin in our 'IFFI'..20 years ago!]

'Cabros de Mierda' (Damn Kids/2017)  
made by Chilean filmmaker Justiniano!
And after 50 years..new film 'Cabros de Mierda' ('Damn Kids'/2017)..gives the feel of revolutionary cinema is still alive there! 

Chilean filmmaker Gonzalo Justiniano!
Renowned Chilean filmmaker Gonzalo Justiniano made this movie.. focused on the people lives in adverse situation during the dictatorship of Pinochet! It narrates the story through brave young lady's struggle for democracy in Chile!

But '17thPIFF' (which just started) did not include this film in competition section and took as inaugural!

- Manoj Kulkarni

Friday, 4 January 2019


'9th Asian Film Festival' over in Pune. But did not see comprehensive focus on quality cinema of Asian countries..in which not noticed any film from major country China! Apart from this big lacking was homage to legendary Sri Lankan Filmmaker Lester James Peries who passed away in 2018!

Renowned Assamese filmmaker Jahnu Barua speaking.!
This festival inaugurated by renowned Assamese filmmaker Jahnu Barua. He emphasised 
the need to respect our Indian cinema and to maintain the identity of Asian cinema! 
He also spoke on the beginning of Assamese cinema & artist suffered in it!..After the function it was nice meeting Barua family!

I will not write about this time's (Zenith?).. honoured (egoistic) average actor-filmmaker and he supported so called (arrogant) actor who got..this award few years back in this same festival!
Picture of Turkey's road movie 'Zer'!
This Festival screened about 36 films and more than half were from our India only!

In this festival.. 
films were mostly through journey road to overseas! In inaugural Turkey's 'Zer' young man travels in search of origin of a song he heard from his grandmother. Through this Kurdish director Kazim Oz focused on the cultural happenings in his region!
Poster of Bangladeshi film 'Komola Rocket'!

After that road movie..Bangladeshi film 'Komola Rocket' travels by ship. In this journey director Noor Imran Mithu focused on the life and tendencies of upper & lower class people through passengers in it!

Then our Indian Marathi film 'Aaron' travels overseas by plane..In search of disappear mother..a boy in it travels to Paris with his uncle. It's director Omkar Shetty sensibly handled this journey which reveals various dimensions of human nature and also reflects universal emotions!..In this with Marathi artists Shashank Ketkar, Neha Joshi & Atharva Padhye..Bengali actress Swastika Mukherjee & French artists played their roles!
Poster of Marathi movie 'Aaron'..with French & Indian artists!
Then (national award nominated) Jayaraj's film in Malayalam.. 'Bhayanakam' was notable..In this postman regularly travels by boat to deliver money orders to army men's relatives in village..and suddenly became 'not wanted' because he started bringing telegrams of deaths in war!

Intense scene of Malayalam film 'Bhayanakam'!
There were women centric films too.. 
In this Japanese movie 'The Bad Poetry' showed the struggle of working girl for survival. Indian director Anshul Chauhan made this film effectively in which award winner Japanese actress Iijima Shuna did the leading role powerfully!

Iijima Shuna in Japanese film 'The Bad Poetry'!
Then there was Bengali film 'Rong Beronger Korhi' in which beautiful actress Rituparna Sengupta portrayed two contrast characters from urban & rural and showed the suffering of women in different perspectives! 

After that Hindi episodic kind movie 'Teen Muhurat' presented three young women in three auspicious hours! And Hindi film 'Bhor' showed the struggle of lower class girl to live her life in dignified way; but the issue (even genuine) handled in it made this a propaganda film!

Beautiful Rituparna Sengupta in Bengali film 'Rong Beronger Korhi'!

There were other films.. with different dramas like Kazakhstan's historical 'Talan' and Srilankan psychological 'Underpant Thief'! 

This festival concluded with the premier of Marathi upcoming movie 'Bandishala' directed by Milind Lele! This film did not appeal because of it's flaws in technical, character development & directorial aspect! But Mukta Barve portrayed her character of prison officer powerfully!

Now the globe became one family (like our "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam") due to technological developments & Internet world! And despite some cultural differences global citizens shares their human emotions which 
are universal! So films lovers are not that keen like earlier..to watch only European or only Asian cinema in one festival. Now they like to watch entire world cinema in one festival!..Organisers should seriously think about this!!

- Manoj Kulkarni

Monday, 31 December 2018


Legendary Filmmaker Mrinal Sen on location of his film 'Ek Din Pratidin' (1979).

Pioneering Legend of Parallel Cinema of our India..respected Bengali Filmmaker Mrinal Sen left this world!

Utpal Dutt and Suhasini Mulay in legendary Filmmaker 
Mrinal Sen's landmark film..'Bhuvan Shome' (1969).
Since his first film 'Raat Bhore' (1955) for the past more than 50 years.. Mrinal Sen contributed his cinematic excellence! His landmark film 'Bhuvan Shome' (1969) initiated 'New Wave' in our Indian Cinema!

Mrinalda's cinema is known for it's artistic depiction of social reality! And his famous 'Calcutta Trilogy' (1971-73) focused on the socio-economical & political scenario!
Legendary Filmmaker Mrinal Sen directing shot!

Almost all of Mrinal Sen's films from 'Akash Kusum' (1965) to 'Khandhar' (1984) won National Awards! And got recognition at International Film Festivals with awards like..in Berlin for 'Akaler Sandhane' (1981), in Cannes for 'Kharij' (1983), in Venice for 'Ek Din Achanak' (1989) & at Cairo for 'Aamar Bhuban' (2002). In 1997 he was jury at '20th Moscow International Film Festival'!
Former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam honouring..
legendary Filmmaker Mrinal Sen..'Dadasaheb Phalke Award'!

From Government of India..Mrinal Sen got..'Padma Bhushan'! In 2004 he wrote.. his autobiography 'Always Being Born'! And in 2005 he honoured with.. 'Dadasaheb Phalke Award'!

Remembering my informal nice meeting to Mrinalda in our 'International Film Festival of India' many years ago!

My humble homage to..Sen babu!!

- Manoj Kulkarni

Sunday, 30 December 2018


Pioneering Legend of our Parallel Cinema..Mrinal Sen babu passed away!
Remembering informal nice meeting Mrinalda in 'IFFI' many years ago!

Few years back I published an article on  his meaningful cinema in my 'Chitrasrushti's New Wave Cinema special issue!

That kind gesture touched me!! (Here is that photo.)

My Humble Homage!!

- Manoj Kulkarni

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