Friday, 20 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Pretty gorgeous..Zrinka Cvitesic.

Birthday of Pretty talented Croatian Actress of Film, Television & Theatre..Zrinka Cvitesic just happened!

Zrinka Cvitesic & Niksa Kuselj in 'Konjanik' (Horseman/2003).
Born in Karlovac..Zrinka started acting in school days and her first act was pretty Cindrella! Then she studied acting in institute and in 1999 first acted in short film 'Rano Budenje'. After that she started doing various roles in feature films like 'Veliko spremanje' (2000).
Pretty Klara Naka & Zrinka Cvitesic in 'Lea and Darija' (2011).

Her main roles in films like 'Lea and Darija' (2011) and 'My Beautiful Country' (2012) were appreciated! Last year she acted in film 'Lost in London'!

In 2005 she became a member of 'Croatian National Theatre'. And in 2013 she made her West End debut as 'Girl' in the musical 'Once' at Phoenix Theatre, London. She won 'Laurence Olivier Award' for Best Actress in a Musical for her performance in this!
Zrinka Cvitesic in 'My Beautiful Country' (2012).

She also did different kind of roles in Television programmes like 'Vratice se rode' (2008) and 'Tito' (2010).

She won Best Actress Award for her leading role in film 'What is a Man without Moustache?' (2005) at '53rd Pula Film Festival' & '11th Sarajevo Film Festival'. Then in 2010 she won 'Shooting Stars Award' of European Film Promotion at '60th Berlin International Film Festival'!
I am with renowned Croatian filmmaker Branko Ivanda & 
beautiful actress Zrinka Cvitesic in 'IFFI', 2004 at Goa!

Zrinka Cvitesic with 'Olivier Award'!
I interviewed this pretty actress Zrinka in our 'International Film Festival of India' ('IFFI') held at Goa in 2004. She acted Croatian film 'Konjanik' (Horseman) was in it'. Renowned filmmaker Branko Ivanda directed this film was a inter-community love story on the backdrop of Bosnia & Dalmatia the crossroads of the Ottoman Empire & the Republic of Venice! And Zrinka played lead character Lejla superbly in it!

Congrats on award and 
All The Best..Zrinka!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
  [Pune, India]

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Priyanka Chopra received Padmashri from President Mr.Pranab Mukherjee!

Today is Birthday of international talented Actress, Singer & Film Producer Priyanka Chopra!

'Miss World'..Pretty Priyanka!
After winning 'Miss World' (2000) she achieved success in bollywood with films like 'Andaaz' (2003) & 'Aitraaz' (2006).
Priyanka Chopra in film 'Barfi' (2012).

She got critical acclaim for her roles in films like 'Fashion' (2008), '7 Khoon Maaf' (2011), 'Barfi' (2012) & 'Mary Kom' (2014). 

She got five Filmfare awards and (for 'Fashion') one Best Actress national award!

Priyanka Chopra in 'Bajirao Mastani' (2015).
In 2015 she started working internationally with American thriller series 'Quantico'!

Singer..Priyanka Chopra!
Then she entered in singing and released her pop music albums.!

Last year she founded her film production company 'Purple Pebble Pictures' and started producing films like Marathi 'Ventilator'!

She got international recognition and worked for UNICEF as Goodwill Ambassador. In 2016 she honoured with 'Padma Shri'!

Wishing her All The Best!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune]

Tuesday, 17 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Birthday of my most favourite actress of Bollywood...Pretty gorgeous Katrina Kaif..just happened! She is 35 now!
Barbie Doll. Pretty gorgeous Katrina!

As a successful fashion model beautiful Katrina entered in bollywood film industry with 'Boom' (2003) and got fame with 'Namastay London' (2007) & 'Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani' (2009).
Ranbir Kapor & Katarina Kaif in film
'Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani' (2009).

Katarina's performances in films 'New York' (2009), 'Rajneeti' (2010) and 'Zindagi na Milegi Dobara' (2011) got critically acclaim! She acted films 'Ek tha Tiger', 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' (2012) & 'Dhoom 3' (2013) are among the highest-grossing bollywood hits!

Katrina Kaif in 'Rajneeti' (2010).
She won Best Actress awards for her performances in films 'New York' & 'Rajneeti'! With 'Bang Bang' (2014) her beautiful appearance on screen continuing mesmerising..And her characters in films like 'Fitoor' (2016) showing intensity in acting!

Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif in 'Tiger Zinda Hai' (2017).

Katrina in Indian beauty look!

She is celebrity spokesperson of number of well known brands. In 2010 & 2011 'Mattel' released two sets of Barbie Dolls inspired by her! In 2015 a wax figure of her installed at 'Madame Tussuad's Museum' in London!

She is the best combination of beauty, glamour & talent!

Wish you all the best..Katrina!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune]

Saturday, 14 July 2018





Friday, 13 July 2018



In FIFA month..I remembered best film with the backdrop of Soccer..'The Cup' ('Phorpa'/1999) produced in Bhutan!
Scene from film 'The Cup' ('Phorpa'/1999).

Khyentse Norbu directed this film is based on true story of two young football-crazed Tibetans refugee novice monks in a remote Himalayan monastery! Artists Orgyen Tobgyal & Neten Chokling played their roles nicely in it! This film got International recognition!


- Manoj Kulkarni
  [Pune, India]


- Manoj Kulkarni

Hungarian Master Filmmaker Zoltan Fabri.
Birth Centenary of Hungarian master Art Filmmaker Zoltan Fabri..recently over!

In this FIFA month..remembering Fabri's great film 'Two Halves In Hell' ('The Last Goal'/1962). This film was based on a football match between German soldiers and their prisoners during World War II. This film remade in American-British production as 'Escape to Victory' (1981). And our Indian film 'Lagaan' (2001) got inspiration from these films!
Fabri's great film 'Two Halves In Hell' (1962)

In 1951 Fabri started directing film with 'Vihar' (Storm) and became famous with 'Merry Go-Round' (1956). He experimented with narrative & his style of making film described as 'Classical'! He was known as a perfectionist who wrote & directed his films. Up to 'Gyeretek El A Nevnapomra' (Housewarming/1983) he made 27 films and almost all got international recognition!
Fabri's famous romantic film 'Merry Go-Round' (1956).

He got awards in prestigious international film festivals..mostly in 'Moscow International Film Festival' which honoured him in 1979. He taught in 'Hugarian University of Theatrical and Film Arts'!

Humble Tribute to this genius filmmaker!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
   [Pune, India]

Thursday, 12 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Today is birth anniversary of one of the great filmmakers of India..Bimal Roy!
'Do Bigha Zameen' (1953)..Bimalda's neo-realism!

Bimalda's cinema had a strong impact of Italian neo-realism! Particularly his 'Do Bigha Zameen' (1953) inspired from Vittorio De Sica's 'Bicycle Thieves' (1948).
Vyjayanthimala, Dilip Kumar & Suchitra Sen in 'Devdas' (1955).

Then he always handled social subjects in his films like.. 'Parineeta' (1953), 'Biraj Bahu' (1954), 'Sujata' (1959) & 'Bandini' (1963).

He also gave sensitive treatment to romantic subjects in his films like 'Devdas' (1955) & 'Madhumati' (1958).

Bimalda won many which includes 11 time 'Filmfare' & 6 time National awards and one prize in 'Cannes Film Festival'! In 1959 he was a member of Jury in 1st Moscow International Film Festival'!

Tribute to Bimalda!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]


Wishing good health to our pretty actress..Sonali Bendre-Behl.!

I first met her..20 years ago during the programme 'Cinema Cinema' in Mumbai...That time she was just entering in bollywood!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune]


Hollywood's Dancing Star and Filmmaker Gene Kelly in Classic Musical.. 'Singing In The Rain' (1952).

- Manoj Kulkarni
  [Pune, India]
Renowned French Filmmaker..Jean-Luc Godard.


One of the pioneers of French New Wave cinema..Jean-Luc Godard was very much impressed by 'Life and Nothing More.' (1992) masterpiece of renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami!
Renowned Iranian filmmaker..Abbas Kiarostami!

Then Godard generously said, "Film begins with D.W. Griffith and ends with Abbas Kiarostami!"

Tribute to both of them!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
  [Pune, India]


On the top is Neo-realistic picture from great Italian filmmaker..Vittorio De Sica's landmark film 'Bicycle Thieves' (1948).


Then here is on left : 

Raj Kapoor's Indian film 'Shree 420' (1955).


And on right:

Bimal Roy's Indian film 'Do Bigha Zameen' (1953).

- Manoj Kulkarni
  [Pune, India]

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Today is 3rd death anniversary of great Egyptian actor Omar Sharif!

Omar Sharif in famous 'Lawrence of Arabia' (1962).
He began his acting career in 1953 with Egyptian film 'Sira Fi Al-Wadi' which was a romantic drama! After doing 20 Egyptian films he first time appeared in English movie 'Lawrence of Arabia' (1962) directed by David Lean and he won 'Golden Globe' award for his performance!
Omar Sharif in popular & hit 'Mackenna's Gold' (1969).

Then his best known roles were 'Doctor Zhivago' & 'Genghis Khan' (1965). Latter he became famous with classic the role he played opposite Gregory Peck in all time hit 'Mackenna's Gold' (1969).

Homage to him!!

 - Manoj Kulkarni
  [Pune, India]


- Manoj Kulkarni

Well known American Actor, Writer, Producer & Director..Thomas Jeffrey Hanks..popular as Tom Hanks' 62nd birthday just happened!

Young & handsome Tom Hanks.
His best performances are..'Big', 'Philadelphia', 'Forrest Gump', 'Apollo 13', 'Cast Away', 'The Da Vinci Code' & 'Captain Phillips'!
Tom Hanks with 'Oscar' award!

He got numerous awards!..For 'Philadelphia' (1993) & 'Forrest Gump' (1994) he won Best Actor 'Golden Globe' & 'Academy Award'!

His role of lawyer in Spielberg's film 'Bridge of Spies' (2015) was notable!

Best Wishes to him!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]


Lamberto Maggiorani and Enzo Staiola in 'Bicycle Thieves' (1948).

Great Italian filmmaker Vittorio De Sica's landmark neo-realistic film 'Bicycle Thieves' (1948) completed 70 years!

It's Screenwriter Cesare Zavattini & Director Vittorio De Sica!
This film follows the story of a poor man in post world-war II Rome. In this He (Lamberto Maggiorani) & his son (Enzo Staiola) search their bicycle which is a source of their income!

Cesare Zavattini wrote the screenplay of this film and Carlo Montuori cinematographed it!

A Tribute!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]

Saturday, 7 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Pioneer of 'Italian Neo-realism'..Vittorio De Sica & his film 'Bicycle Thieves' (1948).

Today is Birth Anniversary of great Italian Filmmaker..Vittorio De Sica!

Great Italian Filmmaker Vittorio De Sica directing with camera!
Sophia Loren & Eleonora Brown in De Sica's film 'Two Women'.
Leading pioneer of 'Italian Neo-realism movement'...De Sica's films won four Academy which 'Shoeshine' (1946) & 'Bicycle Thieves' (1948) awarded honorary Oscars and 'Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow' (1963) & 'The Garden of the Finzi Continis' (1970) won 'Best Foreign Language Films' Oscars!..He also acted in few films!

His great neo-realistic cinema gave inspiration to other filmmakers in the which includes our Indian filmmakers Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy & Raj Kapoor too!

Tribute to this genius!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]


- Manoj Kulkarni

Lumiere brothers' cinema presentation..Arrival of Train!
7th July is an important date in history of our cinema! 
122 years ago..on this day 'Cinema' arrived in India! Two Lumiere Brothers made the presentation of it in Bombay!
Pioneers of cinema..Auguste & Louice..Lumiere brothers.

They first screened their projected motion pictures on 28th Dec.,1895 at Paris! The history making presentation featured ten short films.

After they went on world tour with cinematographe in 1896...and made presentation in Bombay!

I have attended the grand celebration of 'Centenary of World Cinema' on 7th July, 1996 at Mumbai!..What a golden moment that was for me!

Every year I remember it..and celebrate anniversary of it!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]

Friday, 6 July 2018


 - Manoj Kulkarni

One of the pioneers of India's new wave cinema..Mani Kaul!

Today is death anniversary of one of the pioneers of our India's new wave cinema..Mani Kaul!
Mani Kaul directing film from new wave point of view!

Scene from Mani Kaul's film 'Uski Roti' (1969).
Graduated in acting & direction from Film Institute at Pune..Mani Kaul was influenced by French New Wave cinema! In 1969 he directed his first film 'Uski Roti' which was one of the key films of New Indian Cinema. This film broke the traditional narrative structure of our cinema..And won Filmfare's critics award!

Raisa Padamsee in Mani Kaul's 'Duvidha' (1973).
Mita Vashisht & co-actor in Mani Kaul's 'Siddheshwari' (1989).
Then he made film 'Ashadh Ka Ek Din' (1971) based on a play by Mohan Rakesh. After those black & white docudrama style films he made colour film 'Duvidha' (1973) based on a short story by Vijaydan Detha. It was a popular folktale from Rajasthan..and did not match to his earlier social films. But he won Best director National award! In 2005 Amol Palekar remade this film as 'Paheli'!

Latter he made some documentaries, in which notable was 'Siddheshwari' (1989) which won national award! This showed in our Film Appreciation Course in FTII. I still remember interaction with Mani Kaul after the screening in that one of our participants aggressively did debate with him. It was because his films did not follow the popular style of film making and very slowly worked on the detailing the visuals!
Shahrukh Khan in Mani Kaul's film 'Ahmaq' (1992).

Very few knows that now established renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor acted in his film 'Nazar' (1991) and today's bollywood king Shahrukh Khan also acted in his film 'Ahmaq' (1992) during their struggling days!

His films got awards here and international recognition in various festivals. He was in the juries of '21st Berlin International Film Festival'! He was a visiting lecturer at Harvard University, USA and he taught music in the Netherlands!

Homage to Mani sir!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune]