Saturday, 15 August 2015

Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Fadnavis & Union Environment Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar inaugurated '13th PIFF'. Artists Shatrughan Sinha, Tanuja Mukherji , Poet Mahanor & Polish filmmaker Krzysztof  Zanussi were also there with director of  'PIFF' Dr. Jabbar Patel.

This year's '13th Pune International Film Festival's 'Prabhat Best International Feature Film Award' won by Cuban film 'Behavior'! And 'Sant Tukaram Best International Marathi Film Award' shared between 'Elizabeth Ekadashi' & 'Killa'! 
Ethiopian film 'Difret'.

Romantic scene from Russian film 'Test'.
It's 'Audience Best Film Award' won by Russian film 'Test' and 'Prabhat Best International Feature Film Director Award' shared between 'Test's filmmaker Alexander Kott & Czech Republic movie 'Like Never Before's director Zdenek Tyc! And Ethiopian film 'Difret's artist Tizita Hagere got Special Jury Award!
Image from Czech Republic film 'Like Never Before'.

'Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Chitrapat Maha Mandal's Best Marathi Film Director award won by Bhaurao Karhade for 'Khwada' and film 'Ek Hazarachi Note's actress Usha Naik won Best Artist award! Marathi film 'Salaam' got audience award! With 'International Students Films Competitioin', this time 'MTDC' Short Film Competition' was introduced!
Marathi film 'Killa'.
Again this year there was no change in the selection of films for world competition! As usual most of the films in this section were not up to that standard & disappointed in genre too! (Last year there were few films with superstitious elements in it!) 'PIFF' organizers should seriously think about the selection of films and who mainly select it for world competition! Some good films were outside of the competition in Global Cinema section! Some of the good films (including opening 'Timbuktu' & award winner 'Behavior') were came from 'IFFI'!
Emotional scene from Cuban film 'Behavior'.

Same thing about other sections like Retrospectives! There was no Homage section to late film personalities like K.Balchander! On the backdrop of 100 years of world war the theme of '13th PIFF' was 'War against war', but very few films related to theme were there, in which I was expecting early east European cinema; but half of the films screened in it were from Germany! There was also 225th anniversary of French Revolution, so film 'Danton' was appropriate to screen; but there was French Grand Classics section! With this also suggested to screen 'Gone with the wind' on the occasion of it's 75th anniversary & it's backdrop of war too! And importantly asked Homage section of Filmmaker Guru Dutt on his 50th death anniversary..But not included!
Myself with filmmaker Ms.Samruddhi Porey.
In last '12th PIFF' there was retrospective of renowned Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini but without his masterpiece 'Eight & half' and also there was focus on renowned French filmmaker Jean Renoir but without his masterpiece 'Rules of the Game'! There should be some logic for retrospectives & special sections!
Myself with Anandji Shah & Dr.Patel.

'PIFF' is after Mumbai & Aurangabad, from this year started in Pimpri-Chinchwad too! Good, but qualitative growth is important than quantitative! This time awarded veteran film personalities' AVs were also with some mistakes, which honourable guest also pointed out! Two members of films selection committee (one old & one new) have been keeping the hold on 'PIFF's content. And their aptitude of not accepting any valid suggestion is just monopoly! This up to press conferences & screenings arrangements too! Now this is not private film festival, so liberal approach should be there!

'PIFF' should seriously think about comprehensive development in it's structure..from selection of films with right content & international festival screenings management!
As well wisher of 'PIFF' I expressed the feelings! So organizers please take care!
Best wishes for the future of 'PIFF'!!

-Manoj Kulkarni

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