Friday, 10 November 2017

 - Manoj Kulkarni

Legendary French cinematographer Raoul Coutard.
One year over..legendary French cinematographer Raoul Coutard left his cinematic world!

Filmmaker Jean Luc Godard and cinematographer Raoul Coutard shooting film 'Breathless' (1960).

Started working as a photo journalist..Raoul Coutard then became a cameraman of the pioneers on 'French New Wave' director Jean Luc Godard with his film 'A bout de Souffle' ('Breathless'/1960).
Filmmaker Francois Truffaut shooting
with Cinematographer Raoul Coutard!

Then he also worked for other 'FNW' filmmakers like Francois Truffaut for 'Jules Et Jim' (1962).

After cinematographed a film of Costa Gavras..'Z'...Raoul Coutard written & directed film 'Hoa-Binh' (1970)..And then made other films like 'Operation Leopard' (1980).
Francois Truffaut's film 'Jules Et Jim' (1962).

Cautard was famous for shooting with a handheld camera and use of natural light! In his career of 50 years he shot more than 75 films. His last movie was Philippe Garrel's 'Wild Innocence' (2001).
Close-up of Jeanne Moreau in 'Jules Et Jim'!

I published special issue of my film magazine 'Chitrasrushti' on the 'French New Wave' in 2008!

Humble homage to this master cinematographer!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]

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