Friday, 11 January 2019


Littin's landmark Chilean film 
'Jackal of Nahueltoro' (1969).
Year back..I wrote an article about how the revolutionary Latin American Cinema often made strong comments on socio-political situation!

Chilean great filmmaker Miguel Littin!
That was started by landmark Chilean film 'El Chacal de Nahueltoro' (Jackal of Nahueltoro 1969) made by legendary filmmaker Miguel Littin! That film was a tragic real story of a exploited farmer & poor family suffered in it! 
[I interacted with Mr. Littin in our 'IFFI'..20 years ago!]

'Cabros de Mierda' (Damn Kids/2017)  
made by Chilean filmmaker Justiniano!
And after 50 film 'Cabros de Mierda' ('Damn Kids'/2017) the feel of revolutionary cinema is still alive there! 

Chilean filmmaker Gonzalo Justiniano!
Renowned Chilean filmmaker Gonzalo Justiniano made this movie.. focused on the people lives in adverse situation during the dictatorship of Pinochet! It narrates the story through brave young lady's struggle for democracy in Chile!

But '17thPIFF' (which just started) did not include this film in competition section and took as inaugural!

- Manoj Kulkarni

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