Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Birgitta Pettersson in 'The Virgin Spring' (1960).



- Manoj Kulkarni

On the current happenings...
I again remembered renowned Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman's one of my most favourite films.. 'Jungfrukällan' ('The Virgin Spring'/1960) which is still contemporary!
Main scene from film 'The Virgin Spring' (1960).

This film is a rape and revenge tale about a father's merciless response to the rape and murder of his young daughter. The story was adapted by screenwriter Ulla Isaksson from a 13th-century Swedish ballad 'Töres Döttrar I Wänge' ('Töre's Daughters in Vänge')..which set in medieval Sweden!
Horrible revenge scene from film 'The Virgin Spring' (1960).

In this innocent young girl Karin on her way to church through forest encounter with two men & one boy whom she invite to eat. Then inhuman they rape & murder her. After that they unknowingly seek shelter at her home...And when her parents discovers that they raped & murdered their daughter...her father Tore kills them including boy!..The climax of this film is very touchy..where parents finds daughter & as they lift her head..from the ground a Spring begins to flow!
Renowned Swedish Filmmaker Ingmar Bergman.

Ingmar Bergman produced-directed 'The Virgin Spring' cinematographed by Sven Nykoist & edited by Oscar Rosander and music composed by Erik Nordgren! All artists acted naturally in which includes..main characters daughter Karin played by beautiful Birgitta Pettersson & father Tore acted by Bergman's fixed Max Von Sydow with others like Birgitta Valberg & Gunnel Lindblom!
Touchy climax of film 'The Virgin Spring' (1960).

This film won 'Oscar's 'Best Foreign Language Film' in 1961 and other awards in the international film festivals! Film contains a number of themes that question morals, vengeance and religious beliefs!..But the main thing is still the situation not changed!!

- Manoj Kulkarni

  [Pune, India]

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