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- Manoj Kulkarni

Poster of First Konkani Film 'Mogacho Anvddo' (1950)
'Mogacho Anvddo'..the first full length Konkani film released in this month on 24th April in 1950 at 'Dashrat Cinema' Mapusa. So this date celebrated as 'Konkani Cinema Day'!

Father of Konkani Cinema..Al Jerry Braganza made this first Concanim motion picture 'Mogacho Anvddo' (Love's Craving) under the banner of 'Etica Pictures'..66 years ago! This film was based on the novel 'Mogachi Odd' written by Diaoguinho De Melo who himself written the screenplay of film. It's a love story between spoiled rich boy and poor girl!
Leena Fernades & Al Jerry Braganza 
in film 'Mogacho Anvddo' (1950).

Native of Mapusa Al Jerry Braganza Produced, Directed & also played lead role in this Konkani film 'Mogacho Anvddo' (1950) with Leena Fernades, Irene Amaral & Elizabeth D'Abreo! It's Goa kind music composed by Alfred Almeida! After Mapusa this film also released in Bombay!
Popular Konkani film 'Sukhache Sopon' (1960).

After this film..Al Jerry Braganza also made Konkani films like popular 'Sukhache Sopon' (1960). L. M. Ratus wrote this film directed by Braganza who himself acted in this with Antonette & Fatima. Then Konkani cinema slowly progressed!

First Colour Konkani Film 'Mog Ani Moipass' (1977)
After 1975 'Bhuierantio Munis' achieved good success! In 1977 'United Youngsters of Mangolore' brought out the first Coloured Konkani film 'Mog Ani Moipass'! 25 years were dull for Konkani cinema according to local Goan filmmaker!

In 2004 our 'International Film Festival of India' arrived at Goa and Talak's film 'Aleesha' (acted by Priyanka Bidaye) premiered in it! This film won 'Best Konkani Film' national award!..And again Konkani cinema flourished by it's other filmmakers too!
Priyanka Bidaye in film 'Aleesha' (2004).

I wrote about Konkani cinema's achievement with article on 'IFFI', Goa in my film magazine 'Chitrasrushti's special issue, 2005!

Tribute to pioneers of Konkani cinema!!

Happy 'Konkani Cinema Day'!!!

 - Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune]

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