Friday, 13 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Hungarian Master Filmmaker Zoltan Fabri.
Birth Centenary of Hungarian master Art Filmmaker Zoltan Fabri..recently over!

In this FIFA month..remembering Fabri's great film 'Two Halves In Hell' ('The Last Goal'/1962). This film was based on a football match between German soldiers and their prisoners during World War II. This film remade in American-British production as 'Escape to Victory' (1981). And our Indian film 'Lagaan' (2001) got inspiration from these films!
Fabri's great film 'Two Halves In Hell' (1962)

In 1951 Fabri started directing film with 'Vihar' (Storm) and became famous with 'Merry Go-Round' (1956). He experimented with narrative & his style of making film described as 'Classical'! He was known as a perfectionist who wrote & directed his films. Up to 'Gyeretek El A Nevnapomra' (Housewarming/1983) he made 27 films and almost all got international recognition!
Fabri's famous romantic film 'Merry Go-Round' (1956).

He got awards in prestigious international film festivals..mostly in 'Moscow International Film Festival' which honoured him in 1979. He taught in 'Hugarian University of Theatrical and Film Arts'!

Humble Tribute to this genius filmmaker!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
   [Pune, India]

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