Friday, 6 July 2018



- Manoj Kulkarni

Renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami's 2nd death anniversary recently happened!..Here is what genius filmmakers quoted about him..

Genius filmmakers...Abbas Kiarostami & Akira Kurosawa together!
World famous Japanese master filmmaker Akira Kurosawa mentioned this many years ago...“When Satyajit Ray passed on, I was very depressed. But after seeing Kiarostami’s films, I thanked God for giving us just the right person to take his place!”

Coi-incidence that Kiarostami filmed his last movie 'Like someone in love' (2012) in Japan..with Japanese cinematographer & artists!

 Both the genius left the world!!

French genius filmmaker..Godard.
After of the pioneers of French New Wave cinema..Jean-Luc Godard said a great thing about Kiarostami!

Godard was very much impressed by 'Life and Nothing More..' (1992) a masterpiece of renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami! Then Godard generously said, "Film begins with D.W. Griffith and ends with Abbas Kiarostami!"
Iranian genius filmmaker..Abbas Kiarostami.

Salute to these genius filmmakers!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
   [Pune, India]

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