Tuesday, 3 July 2018


- Manoj Kulkarni

Malayalam genius filmmaker..Adoor Gopalkrishnan!
Today is 77th birthday of one of the leading filmmakers in neo-realistic cinema of our India.. veteran Malayalam filmmaker Adoor Gopalkrishnan!
Poster of Adoor Gopalkrishnan's 
first film 'Swayamvaram' (1972).

After completing Screenwriting & Direction course in Film Institute at Pune, Adoor Gopalkrishnan started revolutionising Malayalam cinema in Kerala..first by making short films & documentaries like 'Your Food' (1966) & 'A Mission of Love' (1969). Then he made his first feature film 'Swayamvaram' in 1972. This landmark Malayalam film won national award!

Adoor Gopalkrishnan directing film with cameraman Manakda ravi verma!
Adoor Gopalkrishnan's 'Kodiyettam' (1977).
Then he continued focus on the reality of society through his films 'Kodiyettam' (1977), 'Elippathayam' (1981) & 'Mukhamukham' (1984). 

His films like 'Mathilukal' (1990) always got critically acclaim and some time became subject of debate like in 1993 on his 'Vidheyan'! Some of his different films like 'Nizhalkuthu' (2002) narrated experiences of an executioner and another 'Naalu Penungal' (2007) was an adaptation of four short stories by T. S. Pillai!
Mammootty & Shobhana in 'Anantaram' (1989)

He Scripted & directed 11 feature films and about 30 short & documentaries. Almost all of his films got state & national awards and international recognition too like from 'BFI' & 'FIPRESCI'! His films screened at various international film festivals like Moscow, Venice, Berlin, Toronto & Cannes! Our Government of India awarded him 'Padmashri' & 'Padmavibhushan'..And honoured with highest 'Dadasaheb Phalke Award'!
Mini Nair & Vishwanathan in film 'Katha Purushan' (1995).
I have been watching his films since my Film Appreciation Course at FTII in 1989. There we saw & discussed his film 'Anantaram' which tells the story of a confused youth between romanticism & reality! In this film Mammootty & Shobhana played the main roles nicely!
Adoor Gopalkrishnan's film 'Naalu Penungal' (2007).
Latter I never missed his films in the Panorama of our 'International Film Festival of India'. I found the impact of Italian neo-realism on his films..But one of his films 'Katha Purushan' (1995) found little similar to Ray's 'Apu Triology' & said it to him in 'IFFI's press conference! That period film depicted changing socio-economical-political scenario through growing boy. In that Vishwanathan & Mini Nair acted superbly!

I received Film Appreciation Course certificate from Adoor Gopalkrishnan in FTII!
I still remember receiving my 'Film Appreciation Course' certificate from him in 1989.Then I have been meeting him for the last so many years in various film festivals!

Best wishes Mr. Adoor Gopalkrishnan!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune]

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