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- Manoj Kulkarni

Zhang Yimou directed Chinese great love film 'The Road Home' (1999).
(Beautiful Zhang Ziyi and Zheng Hao in the lead!).

While watching the news of China..remembered the great love film of that country saw in film festival..And that was 'The Road Home' (1999). Actually I wanted to write about this film in my series of articles on romantic world cinema..during the Valentine week!
Zhang Ziyi & Zheng Hao in introductory scene of 'The Road Home' (1999).

On the backdrop of socio-economical-political history & changing cultural scenario of China..this film 'The Road Home' (wo dofu quin mu quin/My Father and Mother) developed the tender love story! This is a film adaptation of novel 'Rememberance' by Bao Shi..who also wrote the screenplay of it!
Zhang Ziyi, Li Bin & Zheng Hao in intense scene of  'The Road Home' (1999).

This film goes with flashback in which a man recalls the life story of his parents on the arrival in their village. It's intense love story of a country girl and a young teacher!
It's director renowned Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou.
This is a screen debut of beautiful Zhang Ziyi who played this innocent country girl sensitively with Zheng Hao who is in the role of that sensible young teacher! With them Sun Honglei played their son and Zhao Yulian is in the role of old version of his mother & Li Bin appeared as his grandmother!
Pretty Zhang Ziyi & Zheng Hao in the romantic scene of 'The Road Home' (1999).

Zhang Yimou and Zhao Yu produced this epic love story which greatly directed by renowned Chinese filmmaker.. Zhang Yimou with his best cinematographer Hou Yong who beautifully visualised it! Then editor Zhai Rui did excellent job in showing different periods in the film. And Zhai Rui composed the music in lyrical form!

Nice pose of beautiful Zhang Ziyi!
This film won many awards in several international film festivals like Berlin and Chicago!

This is one of my most favourite films..which touched the heart!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune, India]

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