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- Manoj Kulkarni

Legendary Filmmaker & Music Composer of Manipur..Aribam Syam Sharma!

There are two legends in the field of Drama and Cinema in Manipur.. Playwright & Theatre Director Ratan Thiyam and Actor, Filmmaker & Music Composer Aribam Syam Sharma! I got opportunities to meet both of them two decades ago!..A. S. Sharma is 80 + now!
Aribam Syam Sharma in film 'Matamgi Manipur' (1972).

In 1972 Aribam Syam Sharma entered in the Manipuri Cinema as an actor with film 'Matamgi Manipur'..which focused on the social life of Manipur that time! Karam Manmohan produced and Debkumar Bose directed this film considered the first film made in Meitei!

After acting in above national award winning 1974 Aribam Syam Sharma directed his first film 'Lamja Parshuram' (Parshuram the Orphan) for which he also composed the music. This film successfully completed 100 days in theatre..which first time happened there!
Aribam Syam Sharma directed Manipuri film 'Ishanou' (1991).

Then his film 'Olangthagee Wagmadasso' (1979) means 'Even Beyond the Summer Horizon' was philosophical kind and experimental in genre! This was the first ever & the only Manipuri film which did silver jubilee! This film also won National Award!

After this his film 'Imagi Ningthem' (1981/My Son My Precious) won 'Montegolfiere d'Or' at the 'Festival of Three Continents' and he got international recognition! Then in 1991 his film 'Ishanou' (The Chosen One) was screened in the 'Un Certain Regard' section at the 'Cannes Film Festival'!
Filmmaker Aribam Syam Sharma with Camera!

He made around 13 feature films and 19 Non-Feature films. His films mostly came with the socio-economical-political which humans in different situation showed. For that Manipur's folk, performing arts & culture also used as metaphor!
Screenwriter M. K. Binodini!

Most of the scripts of A. S. Sharma's critically acclaimed films wrote by M. K. Binodini..renowned author of Manipur. In 2001 Sharma made a documentary on her literary career..'Binodini: A Writer's Life'!

In 2006 Aribam Syam Sharma was honoured with 'Padmashri'! Then in 2015 'Film Forum of Manipur' and 'Manipur State Film Development Society' conferred him 'Jewel of Manipuri Cinema'!
Aribam Syam Sharma made Manipuri film 'Sanabi' (1995).

I still remember nice meeting Aribam Syam Sharma during our 'International Film Festival of India' held in 1996 at New Delhi. After watching his film 'Sanabi' in it's Indian Panorama we had good conversation there! Simple living gentleman!
Filmmaker Aribam Syam Sharma.

Wishing all the best with good health to Sharma sahab!

- Manoj Kulkarni
['Chitrasrushti', Pune]

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