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- Manoj Kulkarni

Renowned Bangladeshi Filmmaker & Writer..Tanvir Mokammel!

Birthday of known renowned Bangladeshi Filmmaker & Writer Tanvir Mokammel just happened! He is 60 + now!

Filmmaker Tanvir Mokammel with camera!
Literature base & background of journalism..Tanvir Mokammel started making short film ('Hooliya'/1984) and documentary ('Smriti Ekattor'/1991)..This film won three national awards there and got international recognition! His films mostly depicted the plight occurred with the partition!
Film 'Nodir Naam Modhumati' (1995).

On the backdrop of Bangladesh Liberation War, 1971..he wrote & directed his first feature film in 1995 named 'Nodir Naam Modhumati'. Then in 1999 he made sensitive lyrical film 'Chitra Nodir Pare' on the survival of communities after the 1947 partition! This film won seven national awards including Best Film & Script! These two movies ranked second and third respectively in the list of Ten Best Bangladeshi Films!
Afsana Mimi and Toukir Ahmed 
in film 'Chitra Nodir Pare' (1999).

 Then he made films 'Lalsalu' (2001), 'Oie Jamuna' (2002), 'Swapnabhumi' (2007), Jibondhuli' (2014) and '1971' a mega-documentary on the liberation war of Bangladesh (2011)..which got admiration. He made six feature films and fifteen documentaries & short films.
Mokammel's Bangladeshi Documentary 'Seemantorekha' (2017).

His films screened in various film festivals in Europe..And in India also. I watched his nice film 'Chitra Nodir Pare' in our 'IFFI' and documentary '1971' in FTII, Pune!..And impressed by his sensible & strong cinematic work! We had nice conversation that time here!

Keen to watch his recent documentary 'Seemantorekha' on the partition of Bengal in 1947!

Best Wishes!!

- Manoj Kulkarni
 [Pune, India]

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